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Greta Gerwig has been a female director known for her memorable works in Hollywood. This is a filmmaker of Indie type. She had demonstrated that there is a lot of power among the drama led by females. She had been part of a movie named Barbie in 2023. This is a Gerwig movie which is worth a billion dollars for the first time. It had created a challenge among the common movies. The movie lovers come back to cinemas once more. She was dressed in pink. At present, she is 40 years old. She is multi-talented as she is involved with writing and acting. She has been a director of movies from her college time in Barnard. We need to find the movies of Greta Gerwig and as per the manner of their launch. It starts with Little Women and it ends with Lady Bird. In the article of, we will discuss Greta Gerwig Movies.  

Next, we are going to talk about Greta Gerwig’s personal and professional life.

Do You Know Greta Gerwig? Job and Personal Life

Greta Gerwig represents the writer and actress. She has been the director who has been a great independent female director. Her birth place is Sacramento in California. She had organized to understand musical theater in UCLA or NYU. Her father inspired to explore Columbia and Barnard.

She had taken part at Barnard and she became a major in the field of English with the theater. In the studies, she had been a part of the initial role, even though it is minor. It was screened on 2006 in accompaniment with LOL of Joe Swanberg

After the joint initiative with Swanberg, she had been a co-writer of Hannah Takes the Stars which was screened in 2007. She had been the co-writer. She had been the director of Nights and Weekends, which was screened in 2008. She has acted in a number of movies. She got the initial international recognition in the movie named Frances Ha, which was screened in 2012. This is a movie where she had been a co-writer and in this film, Noah Baumbach was the director. It is important to know about Greta Gerwig Movies.  

Gerwig had launched the first movie as a director in Lady Bird which appeared in the cinema halls in 2017. For this movie, she got Academy Award nominations. There were five nominations for this movie.

If we explore Greta Gerwig Movies, she is a director who adapted the novel of Louisa May Alcott. Little Women is a movie of 2019. Despite the fact, the profitable film of Gerwig is Barbie which was screened in 2023. In 2023, it had become the top rated movie. The directorial style has been popular for adding the themes as a feminist. There were strong monologues and comedy.

Next, we are going to talk about the order of release of Greta Gerwig Movies.

Do You Know The Sequence of The Launch of Greta Gerwig Movies?

  • In 2007, the co-writer for Hannah Takes The Stairs was Greta Gerwig.
  • In 2008, the co-director along with co-writer of Nights and Weekends was Gerwig.
  • In 2010, Northern Comfort was written by Gerwig.
  • In 2012,  Frances Ha was written by Gerwig.
  • In 2015, the author of Mistress America was gerwig.
  • In 2017,  Lady Bird has been directed by Gerwig.
  • In 2019, she was a director of Little Women.
  • In 2023, she was a director of Barbie.

Next, we will analyze five Greta Gerwig Movies.

Analyzing Five Greta Gerwig Movies

Greta Gerwig became the director of feature films. There are four in total. She got the responsibility of writing three films where she was the co-writer. Among them, Barbie was superhit. On the other hand, Hannah Takes the Stairs is a film having a low budget with the application of inexperienced actors. The performance showed creativity. We used the rating of Rotten Tomatoes. There are film critics who have been certified. They have offered this score of Greta Gerwig Movies.  


First, we will discuss the story of Lady Bird, its rating and platform for screening of the movie.

1.   Lady Bird

This movie was screened in 2017. If we check Rotten Tomatoes, the viewers rated the movie at 99%. As a director for the first time, Gerwig had performed really well. This film can be classified as coming-of-age and shares the tale of  Christine, played by Saoirse Ronan. She is a teenager who is protesting in nature. She was popularly known as “Lady Bird.”

Julie is her friend who is quite close to her. Kyle is her crush. The role of Kyle has been played by Timothee Chalamet. She browses through the difficult situations of adolescence. She has been involved with dating as a teenager. The relationship with Laurie Metcalf, her mother, is not simple. This is one of the best Greta Gerwig Movies.  

The total earning of Lady Bird is $79 million from box office. She received an Oscar nomination for the Best Original Screenplay. She also got the title of the Best Picture. She was also awarded the Best Director. The movie is present on platforms like Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and Netflix.

Secondly, we will discuss the movie named Little Women among Greta Gerwig movies.

2. Little Women

Little Women appeared for the first time in 2019. As per the viewers, the rating of Rotten Tomatoes is 95%. Louisa May Alcott novel which creates a timeless experience. This movie is an adaptation of this novel. The story involves the classic literature where there are four sisters of March. They are Jo, Meg, Beth and Amy. She goes through the difficulties of womanhood after the Civil War Massachusetts.

The actors got awards and they are as follows:

  • Emma Watson
  • Saoirse Ronan
  • Timothee Chalamet
  • Florence Pugh
  • Meryl Streep.

The movie received six Oscar nominations. It got an award for the Best Costume Design. At the domestic box office, it earned $206 M across the world.  This movie is available on platforms like Apple TV+, Hulu, Starz, and Amazon Prime Video. This is one of the popular Greta Gerwig Movies.  

Next, we will talk about the movie named Frances Ha and discuss the story, rating and different platforms where the movie was shown.

3. Frances Ha

Frances Ha was shown for the first time in 2012 and the rating of Rotten Tomatoes is 92%. This movie was shown in Netflix, Apple TV+. and Amazon Prime Video. Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig were co-writers of a movie in black-and-white. The acting of Frances Halladay was made by Gerwig. She had been a dancer whose age is 27 years.  She lives in New York City.

Frances Ha encounters the complications of adulthood. She also deals with the problems of relations and career. Sophia is the best friend and Mickey Sumner played the role. Frances, Lev and Benji live in the same place. Adam Driver plays the role of Lev. Michael Zegen plays the role of Benji.

Next, we will talk about Barbie, one of Greta Gerwig movies, where she has been the director.

4. Barbie

Barbie was shown in 2023. The rating of Rotten Tomatoes is 88%.The director of this movie is Gerwig. The co-writers for this movie are Noah Baumbach and Gerwig. Margot Robbie had played the role of Barbie. In Barbieland, she had gained the role of Barbie.

She begins with the idea of death along with cellulite. She has to travel in the world of human beings. Her goal is to understand the genuine meaning of life. Ken is the boyfriend. The role of Ken has been played by Ryan Gosling. We need to know Greta Gerwig Movies properly.  

The first weekend of Barbie had a massive earning of $162 million. The nomination of the movie was made for the awards. In the Oscar of 2024, the total number of Academy Awards is eight. The film was recognized for the Best Original Song. The movie had the Best Original Song “What Was I Made for?” by Billie Eilish.

The soundtrack of Barbie had received eleven nominations for Grammy Awards. The movie won three of them. The Barbie could be seen with the subscription of Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, Google Play Movie, and Vudu.

Next, we will talk about Nights and Weekends where we will discuss the rating, story and platforms for screening of the movie.

5. Nights and Weekends

This movie was screened for the first time in 2008. The viewers have rated the movie in the popular movie review website named Rotten Tomatoes at 85%. In the movie, you will come across actors Joe Swanberg and Greta Gerwig. They were the co-stars of the film. In addition, they were co-writers. Both of them were directors.

The story of the movie tells us about the relationship over long distance and it is really hard. The relationship is tough for James and Mattie. Gerwig played the role of Mattie. Joe Swanberg had acted as James. The Roku Channel showed Nights and Weekends. The movie was shown on Youtube Primetime.

Finally, I will share my opinion about Greta Gerwig Movies in conclusion.


Greta Gerwig had found a major growth in popularity recently. She had been the co-writer and director in the top earning movie in 2023. She is going to carry out creating a number of movies in the days to come. The upcoming project as a director involved two movies. These were made on the basis of The Chronicles of Narnia. Her previous projects were insignificant. She had played both roles, as actor and writer. They had been named “mumblecore.” At a personal level, Gerwig did not appreciate the term.

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